Hundreds arrested across campuses in the US, including UCLA and Columbia. Here’s what to know

Protests at times turned violent between pro-Palestinian protesters and Israel supporters at various campuses across the US overnight.

Approximately 300 people were arrested by the New York Police Department on the Columbia University and City College campuses. New York Mayor Eric Adams said the entry at Hamilton Hall in Columbia was led by people “who are not affiliated with the university.” Those arrested are facing charges from trespassing to criminal mischief.

Columbia is holding final exams but going fully remote for any exams on the university’s main campus, according to a letter sent to students.

At the University of California, Los Angeles, the school’s student newspaper published an editorial on Wednesday morning accusing the school of failing to protect students as violence escalated on the campus. An editor for the Daily Bruin told CNN she has heard reports of pipes, Tasers and pepper spray being used during the confrontation.

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