Rachel’s Shocking Confession! Vanderpump Rules Star Reveals REAL Reason Behind Scandalous Affair!

In a candid discussion following the climax of the “Scandoval” affair controversy, Raquel Leviss, now identifying as Rachel, a star of Vanderpump Rules, emotionally recounted her experience to former Real Housewives of New York member, Bethenny Frankel.

Subsequent to the show’s reunion episodes in June, where Raquel received heavy condemnation for engaging in a lengthy affair with Tom Sandoval, the 40-year-old partner of her good friend Ariana Madix, 38, the 28-year-old made the decision to distance herself from public attention.

Opening up about her choice to retreat from the public, she shared with Bethenny, “It’s been a maelstrom, utter chaos. I’ve taken some solitary time to ponder and attempt to comprehend my actions, and I’ve reached a point where it resonates with me.”

“A driving factor behind my decision to take a respite was the overwhelming chaos and noise, compounded by the intense online animosity.”

The reality star then disclosed that she sought help at a mental health institution to “gain insight into my behaviors.”

She elaborated: “Another motivating factor behind my decision to enroll in a treatment facility was my desire to fathom my behaviors. My objective was to delve into, ‘Why am I attracted to men who are off-limits? Why do I consistently find myself in dysfunctional relationships? What changes must I make in my behavior?'”

“In acknowledging the necessity for change, I first needed to discern what triggers these behaviors.”

Bethenny extended her sympathy to Rachel, who had faced considerable backlash in the aftermath of the Scandoval scandal.

In response, Rachel said: “It’s so reassuring to have you recognize that experience, as there were moments when I questioned my sanity. It’s true that reality TV is tailored and manipulated to create a particular narrative. So, it’s not entirely representative of reality.”

“As an audience member, it’s easy to become immersed in that. The idea of an affair resonates deeply with many people. I believe there was a great deal of projection occurring, with many emotions being stirred up in individuals, and unfortunately, I became the primary target of much of that anger.”

The Bravo celebrity also expressed that she can empathize with the outrage of fans and co-stars: “I want to take this moment to recognize the hurt I’ve inflicted on many people. My actions were thoughtless and lacked foresight. I was utterly absorbed in my heartbreak and seeking to fulfill certain emotional needs.”

Regarding the underlying reason for her behavior, she noted: “In retrospect, I now understand that I was in the process of healing from a relationship with someone I once believed I would marry. The truth is, I hadn’t fully healed from that breakup yet.”

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