Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia Join Forces for Investigation into Migrant Deaths

In a significant move, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia have teamed up to address the tragic deaths of migrants. Let’s delve into this collaborative effort, the concerning report, global responses, and the quest for accountability.

After Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report highlighting the loss of lives of hundreds of Ethiopians at the Saudi-Yemeni border, the Ethiopian government swiftly responded. The decision was made to launch a joint investigation with Saudi Arabia, aiming to unveil the truth behind these unfortunate incidents.

The Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia affirmed this intention by stating, “The Government of Ethiopia will promptly investigate the incident in tandem with the Saudi authorities.” This commitment was shared on X, previously known as Twitter, a day after the publication of the HRW report.

In the wake of this announcement, the ministry urged patience and cautioned against making premature assumptions. It emphasized the longstanding and positive relations between the two nations, reinforcing the shared goal of uncovering the facts.

Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia Join Forces for Investigation into Migrant Deaths

The HRW report, spanning 73 pages, disclosed disturbing allegations. It pointed fingers at Saudi border guards stationed along the Yemeni border, accusing them of systematic attacks on migrants. These migrants were navigating remote mountain trails to cross the border on foot. Explosive weapons and close-range shootings were cited as the means of violence.

In response to these accusations, a Saudi official dismissed the claims presented in the HRW report as “unfounded.”

The report’s release prompted a global reaction. The European Commission expressed its intention to address the findings with both the Saudi government and the Houthi authorities in Yemen. The United States government and the United Nations also echoed the call for a thorough and transparent investigation.

The migration route from the Horn of Africa, spanning the Gulf of Aden and Yemen, serves as a path for Ethiopian migrants. Approximately 750,000 Ethiopians currently reside in Saudi Arabia, with a significant portion potentially entering without proper permits.

In the backdrop of these concerns, the collaborative investigation between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia signifies a joint commitment towards uncovering the truth. This endeavor aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding these tragic incidents and seeks justice for the victims.

As the two nations work hand in hand, the pursuit of transparency and accountability remains at the forefront.

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