Mayor Survives Scary Attack: Shocking Incident Before Ecuador Elections!

Hey there, young readers! We’ve got some unbelievable news from Ecuador that you won’t want to miss. Imagine this: the mayor of a city survives a scary attack right before their big elections. Let’s dive into this incredible story!

Meet Francisco Tamariz, the mayor of a town called La Libertad in Ecuador. He’s a brave person, and he’s been through something really intense. Just one day before the whole country was set to vote in their elections, he faced an attempt on his life. Can you believe that?

On Friday evening, some people tried to hurt him. They fired a whole bunch of shots at his car – around 30 of them! But guess what? Francisco Tamariz managed to get away without any harm. He’s okay, and that’s really amazing!

He spoke about what happened on a social media platform called X. He said, “They tried to kill me.” He also shared that lots of people saw what happened. Imagine being in a situation like that!

In another message on Facebook, he talked more about the attack. He explained that he was coming back from a place called Guayaquil. Suddenly, two people with guns got out of a police car and started shooting at his car. Crazy, right? They shot so many times, all while not knowing who was inside the car.

Guess what made it even scarier? Francisco Tamariz was with his wife in the car when this happened. But both of them were wearing something called a bulletproof vest, which helped protect them.

This isn’t just a regular time in Ecuador. The country was getting ready for big elections to choose their new leader. But this event made things even more intense.

Ecuador has been dealing with some tough things lately. There have been problems with drugs, and that has led to violence between different groups. Even politicians have been in danger.

One person, Fernando Villavicencio, who wanted to be the president, was even killed before the elections. It’s really sad and shows how challenging things can be.

And you know what? Another person who wanted to be president, Otto Sonnenholzner, saw a shooting while having breakfast with his family. Luckily, no one got hurt, but he’s asking for an investigation to find out what happened.

So, you see, elections can be pretty wild and emotional times. It’s important for everyone to stay safe and make good choices. Keep an eye on the news to see what happens next!

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