Iran Takes Legal Action Against Pop Singer Advocating Headscarf Freedom

In Iran, authorities have launched legal proceedings against a male pop singer for releasing a song that encourages women to choose whether or not to wear mandatory headscarves. This news comes from the judiciary’s announcement on Sunday.

Last Friday, Mehdi Yarrahi unveiled a song titled “Roosarito,” which translates to “Your Headscarf” in Farsi. The song aligns with the protests from last year, which were a response to Iran’s policy on compulsory headscarves. These protests gained momentum after the unfortunate passing of Jina Mahsa Amini, who was in the custody of the country’s morality police.

The judiciary’s website, Mizan Online, stated, “Following the release of an unauthorized song that challenges the moral and societal norms of the Islamic community, legal action has been taken against Mehdi Yarrahi.”

In his song, Yarrahi’s lyrics call on women to “take off their (head)scarves” and express the Iranian people’s desire for the option to decide for themselves.

The song’s music video features clips of women dancing with uncovered hair, along with the powerful slogan “Woman, life, freedom.”

Despite winning the title of best pop singer at Iran’s government-organized music event, the Fajr festival, in 2018, Yarrahi has become critical of authorities in recent times.

Another song by Yarrahi, titled “Soroode Zan” or “Woman’s Anthem,” became popular within the protest movement, particularly among university students. The judiciary has clarified that the new legal action will also cover this song.

Yarrahi has also voiced his concerns about what he sees as the neglect of people in his hometown of Khuzestan province, which is home to a significant Arab minority.

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