You Won’t Believe What New NFL Star Bijan Robinson Did in His First Preseason Game

A new football player, Bijan Robinson, got to play in his first NFL preseason game on Friday night. He didn’t play for very long, but he did really well.

When he got the football for the first time, he ran and gained 12 yards. Later, when someone threw him the ball, he caught it with just one hand, even though the throw wasn’t perfect.

Bijan said he felt great about being on the field and showing everyone what he can do. He knows it’s not the main games yet, but he was ready to play.

The coach of the Falcons, Arthur Smith, liked how Bijan played. He said Bijan looked comfortable and fast on the field.

Bijan and the other important players from the Falcons didn’t play much in the first preseason game. They also might not play a lot in the third game. Even though we only saw a little bit of Bijan on Friday, the fans of the Falcons are excited about what he can do.

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