Jaw-Dropping Runway Moments at Delta State University SUG Pageant – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

A video trending from the Delta State University SUG (Student Union Government) pageantry is captivating online audiences and leaving them thoroughly amused. The recent ‘Miss SUG’ pageant show at Delta State University showcased a group of exceptionally beautiful young ladies who effortlessly commanded the spotlight.

The video, originally shared by TikToker @paulaegbeju1, has rapidly gone viral, capturing the mesmerizing moments of these ladies strutting down the runway. Each contestant displayed a combination of powerful struts and dramatic poses, ensuring an indelible impact on the thoroughly entertained audience.

Witness the captivating video here:

Social media users react to lady’s odd fashion sense


“Theres no vision, no aggression & theres no single thought that was put in this outfit.”


“Looks like shes trying to convince herself.”


“Me in my mum’s closet aged 5.”


“Just because you Can doesn’t mean you should.”


“Tell me what vision u want us to see?”


“I lost my brain cells trying to see the vision.”


“Have Kim K or Bella Hadid wear this and watch it become a trend lol leave the lady alone and let her be.. she’s not bothering no one.”

YouLookLonely :(:

“Everyone is so creative.”


“I get the vision…but it was put together so badly.”

marlayah :):

“so how’d u decide on this.”


“What is going on.”

Trending Video from Delta State University SUG Pageantry Leaves Online Audiences Amused

This particular video has garnered more than 2 million views, indicating the swift and profound resonance it has achieved. One of the standout sequences features Kyan Kri confidently donning a pair of red shorts cleverly rolled at the waist, paired with a sheer bodysuit and vibrant pink heels. The juxtaposition of these elements has undoubtedly captured the attention and fascination of a myriad of viewers.

Viral Photo of Elderly Woman in Stylish Mini Dress Sparks Widespread Reactions

When it comes to the realm of fashion and style, age transcends mere numerical digits for certain fashion enthusiasts, often resulting in a stunning display that garners admiration. A particular lady recently ignited a wave of admiration across the internet by sharing a photograph of her own grandmother.

Identified as Gomae on Twitter, she posted a heartwarming image of her elderly relative. The photograph sheds light on her grandmother’s impeccable sense of style, which has become the focal point of attention for numerous online users. The snapshot showcases her gracefully adorned in a chic white mini ensemble, featuring a sleeveless white shirt impeccably matched with an adorable mini-skirt.

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