BRICS Bank Set to Transform Africa: Boosting Growth and Collaboration

In 2015, the BRICS nations came together to create the New Development Bank. This bank is like a team effort, and it’s ready to help Africa in a big way. The leader of the bank, Dilma Rousseff, says that it can help with important projects in Africa.

Dilma Rousseff, who used to be the leader of Brazil, talked about this in Johannesburg. She said that the BRICS countries and Africa are like good friends working together. She thinks the bank can help build things like roads, and also improve digital things like the internet. It can even help with schools and learning in Africa.

Rousseff believes that this bank can lead the way in solving Africa’s big problems. Even though Africa has gotten more money from other countries (about 8.8% of all the money), Rousseff says there’s still more that can be done. She thinks there’s a lot of room to do even better.

She also talked about making money better. She thinks that using local money and new and smart ways of handling money can help more people. This can make the money system better and fairer for everyone.

Rousseff also said that lots of countries should work together to build things. For example, there’s a lot of water power that can be used in Africa, and many countries can work together on that.

So, in the end, this New Development Bank could be a big leader in solving Africa’s problems. The countries in BRICS are excited to help Africa become better and stronger together.

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